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A Villas & Resort Area in Binh Dinh Business Investment Loans Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business Investment Loans: A Villas & Resort Area in Binh Dinh

Business Investment Loans in Vietnam:

Business Investment Loan:A Villas & Resort Area in Binh Dinh
Location:Binh Dinh
Price (USD):$10,400,000
Deal Info:
1. Project name: A Villas & Resort Area in Binh Dinh
2. Investment Capital: USD 10.4 Million
3. Cooperation form: Partial or totally transfer.  
4. Location: Binh Dinh Province.
5. Project overview:
The Project has a total land area of  56 ha and water area of 105 ha and located on both sides of provincial road 640 on the North slope of Nui Ba, and Trung Luong, looking down into the large and beautiful Trung Luong Bay. The bay has an 80m beach which is private for the project and a 9 km public beach.
The project including two sub-areas corresponding with the east and the west topography of the provincial road with two distinct functions: Villa- sub area including ….Time - share Villas and Resort Sub - area including 2 luxury villas and …single hotel room… Family hotel room,  and …“honeymoon” room in bungalows in the steep stone slope. The Resort  has been designed in a French style combine with Champa cultural elements( regional tradition) in a protected beach. The aim of project is to maximize natural and cultural benefits of the area to build a unique Resort and Villa  area in Binh Dinh.
The Project has been granted an investment certificate and the Investor is in the process of land clearance. The Investor welcomes all types of domestic and international Investors involvement to build a Resort with beautiful scenery and attractive Champa cultural nuances to become a reality soon.

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