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An Ecological Tourist Project in Quang Binh Business Investment Loans Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business Investment Loans: An Ecological Tourist Project in Quang Binh

Business Investment Loans in Vietnam:

Business Investment Loan:An Ecological Tourist Project in Quang Binh
Location:Quang Binh
Price (USD):$7,400,000
Deal Info:
1.Total  area: 180 ha 
2.Total investment: USD 7.4 Million
3.Cooperation format: partial or total transfer of ownership.  
4.Location : At PHONG NHA – KE BANG, Quang Binh.
5.Project overview:

The Project lies in a secluded level valley totally surrounded by Karts Mountains. The project has been designed combining the principals of ecological tourism and sustainable tourism. It includes major tourist products and services:

- Semi-wild fauna reservation area where breeds 9 kinds of semi-wild animal support for sightseeing and research demands.

- Conservation area including a lot of  flora groups that are typical of  Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Heritage supports for conservation and research.

- A cave system, under-ground rivers with a lot of Kart exploits were tectonic hundred million of yeas ago.

- There have a excellence accommodation system from luxury type as 3, 4 stars hotel to public type as tropical forest bungalows, army camps….    

The project is one of the most unique tourism developments and the first time anything of its type has been built in Vietnam to international standards and with a harmonious combines between value of National Heritage Sightseeing - enjoying demand of Phong Nha – Ke Bang and support research, study  demands of Scientist and Students or high level entertainment Tourists, it combines between Ecological tourism potential development to support  tourists and conservation, research, protect forest resources, Primeval flora – Reginald fauna rescues in the Phong Nha - Ke Bang  National Park.
The project is near to fulfilling all the legal requirements for it to proceed. At present we need more capital to develop the Project, total loan amount is USD 7.4 Million within 10 -15 years with the interest decided upon negotiation. Besides, we welcome proposals from potential investors for all kinds of co-operation to make the project a reality.

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