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A project to develop a high-standard hotel, villas and recreation centres in Ha Long Business Investment Loans Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business Investment Loans: A project to develop a high-standard hotel, villas and recreation centres in Ha Long

Business Investment Loans in Vietnam:

Business Investment Loan:A project to develop a high-standard hotel, villas and recreation centres in Ha Long
Location:Quang Ninh
Price (USD):$3,125,000
Deal Info:

Based in Bai Chay, Ha Long, the company is engaged in real estates, civil and industrial construction. At present, the company has a project to develop a high-standard hotel – villa – recreation complex on a 27.8ha piece of land in Ha Long. The project was licensed in September 2005.


The project’s objective is to develop technical infrastructure works for the region, in order to turn the current forest land into a recreation centre, meeting the higher and higher demand for tourism in Ha Long, contributing to the urbanization of Ha Long, and making use of the land to increase state budget revenues.


The structure of land use purposes:
- Public area and land reserved for restaurant: 1.23 ha
- Area reserved for hotels and guest houses: 5 ha
-  Area reserved for recreation centre: 2.28 ha
A forest park: 5.14 ha
-  Area reserved for high-standard villas: 8.48 ha
-  Area reserved for transportation sytem: 5.67 ha


The project will cover the following activities:


- Surface levelling: The project is located in an area with a natural slope of 15-30%. Surface levelling will be based on the principle of keeping the natural terrain, and levelling is done only for transportation system, squares and construction works; surface levelling will be limited to the minimum; the forest park in the west will be kept status-quo.

- Transportation system: The transport system in the project area will be divided into two parts: main roads and branches. The sidewalks will be paved with bricks; and trees capable of resisitng sea winds, storms and sea environment will be planted. An flyover bridge will be constructed to link the project area with the Ha Long Road.

- Water supply: meeting the demand for water of 700m3/24 hours, including water for daily life, fire extinguishment, tree watering and road cleaning. The water supply system will be linked to the city’s system. An integrated system of reservoirs, pumping stations… with water pipelines will be constructed to ensure continous and sufficient supply of water for the whole project area.
- Water drainage: Separate waste water and rain drainage systems will be constructed. The rainwater drainage system will be constructed along the two sidewalks. Rain water is gathered into vaulted wells along branch roads, and then is transferred to fish raising lakes. Waste water will be treated partially in self-treating tanks before drained to the water drainage system to the Bai Chay Waste Water Treatment Station.

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