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Coastal ecotourism project in Quang Tri province Business Investment Loans Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business Investment Loans: Coastal ecotourism project in Quang Tri province

Business Investment Loans in Vietnam:

Business Investment Loan:Coastal ecotourism project in Quang Tri province
Location:Quang Tri
Price (USD):$2,500,000
Deal Info:

The Company, with head office located in Hanoi City, operates in constructing and investing in tourism projects. At present, the Company has a coastal ecotourism project on an area of 62,500 m2 in Quang Tri province. The Project has been licenced and granted with every legal papers and has been in the process of construction with investment of USD 5,375,000.


The project is namely for:

-     Hotel business

-     Villas for vacation

-     Restaurants and others supporting services served for the demand of convalescence, lersure or sea bathing.


Duration of the commencement and completion:

-     The first investment stage will be finished in 2008

-     The project will be completed in 2010


 We are seeking for investors who are operating in this field to make a financial contribution to this project so as to bring it into play as soon as possible. Total investment called is about USD 2,500,000.00 (two million, five hundred thousand US dollars)

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