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Constructing and leasing a stadium with 40 positions for advertisement, on an area of 12,720m2 Business Investment Loans Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business Investment Loans: Constructing and leasing a stadium with 40 positions for advertisement, on an area of 12,720m2

Business Investment Loans in Vietnam:

Business Investment Loan:Constructing and leasing a stadium with 40 positions for advertisement, on an area of 12,720m2
Price (USD):$312,500
Deal Info:

A/ Project summary:

1. Field: Sports, real estate and advertisement. The project has not been licensed; it is just a feasible idea to call for investors to set up a company, construct and exploit the project.  


2. Works:

  + 2 football grounds for 7 players; area of each ground occupies 4,050m2.

  + 5 Kiosks, area for each is 100m2.

  + 40 positions for advertisement surrounding the football ground; area for each position is 8m2.


3. Developing services:

   + Leasing football ground based on duration.

   + Leasing kiosks.

   + Leasing position of advertisement sign


4. Location: The project is located within Linh Dam Peninsula, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi.


5. Total project area: 12,720m2 with dimensions of 120mx106m.


6. Model of enterprise to be set up: Company limited


B/ Project description:

1. Project scale:

The project is built on total area of 12,720m2, including:

- 8,100m2 for football ground and 1,308m2 for grass area surrounding, which make up 9,408m2 in total. Each football ground has dimensions of 90mx45m.

- 600m2 for 5 kiosks and company’s head office with the same dimensions of 100m2 (10mx10m).

- 320m2 for erecting stands for advertisement signs, 40 stands equivalent to 40 positions surrounding the football ground. Each position is dimensioned at 8mx1m = 8m2.

- 6m2 for constructing secondary works with dimensions of 3mx2m.

- The rest 2,386m2 for concrete yard used for vehicles and means of transport, inclusive of 10m2 for guard house at the main gate.


2. Construction plan:

- The project is expected to be complete within 6 months, divided into three main construction stages: 

  + Part 1: Leveling area for football ground

  + Part 2: Building kiosks, company office and setting up fence surrounding stadium.  

  + Part 3: Erecting stands for advertisement signs, setting up trellis-work around two football grounds; concreting yard and light posts. 


- Details of parts:

  + Part 1: Plot for football ground is leveled and smoothed for paving with layer of natural grass, which is grown under contract with partners, or with artificial grass with longer endurance. 

  + Part 2: Building company’s office, kiosks, secondary works and guard house at the main gate, 4m high from the ceiling downwards and 3m from the ceiling downwards for secondary works; all secondary works are one-floor built. Each kiosk is completed with system of electricity and water supply, closed secondary work. Fence surrounding the stadium is 10m high inclusive of barbed wire trellis work above.

  + Part 3: Advertisement signs are set up 20m high from the concrete floor. Trellis-work to block ball around each ground is 25m high, made of rode net in construction.      Trellis-work to block ball is attached to entrance doors with different dimensions, making it easy to change grass as well as moving tools. Light posts are set up 30m high with light arrangement on top. Concrete yard is made after all others.


3. Partners:

- Construction partners: Domestic construction companies, Gird and water pipeline Supply Companies.

- Business partners: Sports tools and electrical equipment Supply Companies.


C/ Analyzing market and estimating turnover:

In the recent years, people’s sports movements, especially the king sport of Soccer, and leisure demand have been strongly boosted. In fact, there are, however, not enough play grounds in general and football ground s in particular to meet the demands in terms of quantity and quality as well.

Project markets:

- Pupils, students and youth who are living and studying in Hanoi.

- Entrepreneurs, enterprises, bodies, corporations, etc.

Expected turnover for the first year of exploitation is over VND 3 billion.


D/ Analyzing competitive advantages:

- Competitors: National Stadiums, Air defense – Air force, Universities, private play ground, advertisement positions alongside traffic routes.

- Competitive advantages:

   + National Stadiums are used for only big tournaments, but not for public lease. Other football grounds are not professionally invested. While advertisement signs on traffic routes are in limited number with license, bearing tax and high cost.  

   + This project is a stadium invested according to international and professional standards. Enterprises only pay for leasing cost for advertisement position, but not expenses for construction and license.  Kiosks and advertisement positions for lease are collectively located as a group in the stadium, with appropriate price, high competitiveness and adjustable to market.

E/Total investment called: USD 312.500. Duration for calling investment: 6 months

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