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Capital Investment (Cash Box Venture) - Portfolio Management / Turnkey Investment Business Investment Loans Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business Investment Loans: Capital Investment (Cash Box Venture) - Portfolio Management / Turnkey Investment

Business Investment Loans in Vietnam:

Business Investment Loan:Capital Investment (Cash Box Venture) - Portfolio Management / Turnkey Investment
Price (USD):$200,000
Deal Info:
I would like to introduce my intention for sourcing finance for the start up of a Portfolio Management and Turnkey Investment Company - with its main focus in property development and asset exploitation.
As soon as I can arrange for the company portfolio and get some contracts signed with the company I intend to form.  Currently, I have agreements with these parties assigned to my name only; they are waiting for me to form the company so that they can sign with me officially.


Right now, I am very involved in working with all these parties on various levels of negotiations and sureties.  So I need to be very resourceful, to add value to my contacts and developers.  I have an excellent working relationship with all these parties below, most of which I have been cultivating or worked with for more than six years.  These are just eight of the several developers that I working to finalization presently.  As for investors, I have many groups highly interested in getting into the Vietnam market scene, so I need to travel a lot to service them as well as make presentations to gather their resolve.


All these projects have return potentials of at least or from USD 100,000 to USD 300,000 each, over a gestation period of between 12 to 36 months. Management contracts have longer agreement period, so revenue is expected to be more than the current projection.



1) 8437, (0.8 hectare - hotel development/ Service Apartment), Confirmed, awaiting to sign (Sale Contract, possibility for Turnkey Contract also)

2) Thang (1 + multiple? - 27 stories Service Apartments, HCMC developments), Confirmed, awaiting to sign (Development/ Management/ Lease /Sale Contracts)

3) Ha Long (2 projects - Complex for Hotel, Entertainment facility, Restaurants, Service Apartments), Confirmed, awaiting to sign (Development/ Management/ Lease Contracts)

4) Danang (2 projects - Shopping Centre, Hotel Development), Confirmed, awaiting to sign (Management/ Development/ Sale Contracts)

5) AP Co. (International School Project - 4 Hectares), Confirmed, awaiting finalization (Development/ Turnkey Contracts)

6) M5 (5,000 m2 office space with 20 stories apartment management/sales), Confirmed, to be signed within next two meetings (Lease/ Management Contracts)

7) Hoang Quoc Viet (0.6 hectare, good land for development), Confirmed, Negotiating terms now (Sale Contract)

8) Multi-Location Sites for Advertising (1,000 locations Hanoi/HCMC), Confirmed, awaiting finalization of contract value (Location Contract)



KM (Quang) (Korean), (Finder's Fee)

VCB/BIDV consortium (Vietnamese), (Finder's Fee)

Lippo Group (Indonesian), (Finder's Fee)

ICity (Hong Kong), (Development/ Turnkey Contracts)

China Construction (JV), (Finder's Fee)

VCT Development (Quang) (JV - Vietnamese/China),(Development/ Turnkey Contracts)

IDJ (Vietnamese), (Finder's Fee)

Mandarin (Singapore), (Finder's Fee)


Every day now, I get offers and lots of queries from project developers and investment groups.  So, I need to spend a lot of time with these people.  I will need you follow up and bring or bridge them together to make things work.  Confidentiality and cunning is required of me and I have to be sure to access if a party can add value to our venture, as quickly as possible. So, because of the commitments and demands for my services, I have to branch out from my current employment have concentrate on developing these into money.  I have several staff working for me out of my own packet for several years.  Now is the time where I ought to form a company proper to launch these turnkey/ sale and development projects more effectively. 


I require a financial capital injection to work on these projects for at least 24 months (gestation period) before any serious incomes can be generated or it can be earlier if it is a sales contract or finder's fee, then the revenue is within a six month period.  I am calling for USD 200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand American Dollars) for a 20% share of the company I intend to form. 

This Cash Box Capital Investment is for a period of 60 months, where the investor will benefit from;


1) 20% share of the net profit generated 

2) Re-sale of the 20% shares back to the company at current value after 60 months

3) Or give up the 20% shares to the company for another 2 years (24 months of net profit generated)


If you have any questions, please feel free to call me anytime.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

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