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Project expanding production of the growth and transplantation of sea pearl mussel professional village in combination with tourism Business Investment Loans Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business Investment Loans: Project expanding production of the growth and transplantation of sea pearl mussel professional village in combination with tourism

Business Investment Loans in Vietnam:

Business Investment Loan:Project expanding production of the growth and transplantation of sea pearl mussel professional village in combination with tourism
Location:Quang Ninh
Price (USD):$750,000
Deal Info:

The company has growed Akoya pearl since 1996 and fully established in 1999 with head office in Hanoi, representative offices in Quang Ninh and Ho Chi Minh City, a network of shops and agents nationwide. The company’s development in the recent years is based on appliedscientific research and close investment in professional village of growing and transplanting pearl mussels. The company has been in active operation on developing the growth of pearl mussels, being leading enterprise in field of pearls in Vietnam.    


Up to now, the company has enough facilities to grow 25 ten thousand/year with stable producing procedures, high productivity and good-quality pearl. The company appreciates quality, tries utmost to reduce product price and ensure prestige with customers; the products therefore are consumed by both domestic and foreign customers.           


At present, the company is carrying out an investment project in expanding production of growth and transplantation of sea pearl mussel professional village in combination with tourism on a water surface area of 280,000m2. Hereafter is some information about project:
1. Assessment on economic value:

It can be said that no aquatic object attracts more human interest to exploit its full potentiality like mussels. Pearls are mainly used to make jewelries and its by-products such as natural pearl stone, mussel shell, mussel bowel, closing muscle of mussels are used for producing medicines, cosmetics, fine arts, or food for human beings and animal. In practice, “MiGi-K”, a substance extracted from mussel flesh, contains biologic active which is considered to be a medical product with  immune active possible to fight against cancer, improve and restore the number of white blood cells and adaptogeme. After producing “MiGi-K”, the substances left will be used in breeding poultry and livestock, cultivating aquatic products. Protein content contained in the closing muscle of mussel shell is quite high, from 52% - 55%, sold in Japan at USD 23/kg, and in Vietnam at USD 4.5/kg.


2. Assessment on consuming market:

Pearls are mainly used for high-ranking jewelries. Main consuming markets for this type of products are in the Northern European countries and Northern America. Raw pearls are often exported to Japan and China. Here, they are processed with post-hasvert technology and upgrade in quality to be perfectly beautiful, then will be exported again to other countries in the world.


3. Current demand of pearls:

Demand of pearls on market recently is quite great. In USA, pearl jewelries occupy only 5% in comparison with other jewelries. Yet, from 1998 up to now, 98% Akoya pearls and 49% freshwater mussel pearls of the world have been consumed in US market. The world economy is estimated to develop more; intellectual standards of the world people, especially in the developing countries are increasing more and more. The demand of pearl jewelries is becoming greater and greater.


4. Great potentiality of growing pearl mussels in Vietnam:

-     Potentiality of growing pearl mussels in our country is quite great, including growth of freshwater and seawater pearl mussels.

-     For source of income from pearl mussels: seas from Quang Ninh to Kien Giang have pearl mussels, namely in four seawater species:  P.martensii, P.penguin, P.margaritifera (producing black pearl) and P.maxima (producing large-size pearl. These four mussels are also grown in the world. Zebra mussels which live in river can be suitably grown as good nucleus for stransplanting pearls. They live in a very small area and have just been found in the Central US, Van NamChina and North of Vietnam.

-     For seawater: There are 150,000 ha of water surface only from Quang Ninh to Hai Phong. This area can grow 500 million P.martensii mussels. Pearl yield reaches 60 ton/year; turnover is estimated at USD 150 million, attracting about 50,000 employees.

-     For cliomate, hydrographic and environmental conditions: Mussels are born and bred in the year long with fast speed of founding pearl and good quality. Vietnamese pearls possibly compete others on market and are highly appreciated by the Japanese experts. 


5. Model of growing and transpalting pearl mussels in combination with tourism:

-     In the world, China and Indonesia have widely carried out the combination of growing nad transplanting pearl mussels with professional village tourism or eco-toursim. This model of growing and transplanting pearl mussels associating to tourism has brought economic effect; it is possible for growing and transplanting pearl mussel, protecting environment as well as developing tourism at the same time.

-     The model of growing and transplanting pearl mussels in combination with professional village tourism and eco-tourism in Vietnam has not yet developed. Although there are minimum museum to display pearl products and pearl jewelries, mussel shells; they are not in large scale, attractive form or diversified products; thus the economic potentiality has not been promoted.  

-     Grwoing and transplanting pearl mussels in combination with tourism is very suitable in Ha Long bay which, located near Bai Tu Long bay, Lan Ha bay, Cat Ba Island, Ngoc Vung Island, has been recognized as the international natural heritage twice by UNESCO. There are famous caves such as Celestial Palace (Thien Cung), Wooden Head (Dau Go), Thunderstruck (Sung Sot), Three Palace (Tam Cung), Maze (Me Cung) and palace of culture of Cua Van fishing village. A large sea with more than 1,000 large and small islands makes up an attractive tourist community.  

-     There are many small islands in Ha Long bay, creating closed straits and bays, rarely affected by windstorms, with appropriate depth, diversity of short-lived animals and plants, very suitable for growing and transplanting Akoya pearl mussels.  

-     The number of tourists coming to Ha Long is inseasing more and more. The combination of growing and transplanting pearl mussels with professional village or eco-tourism diversifies the tourism in Ha Long bay.


6. Aims of project:

-     Investing to expand in growing and transplanting pearls in Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh Province, with designed output capacity of 1.5 million mussels in one year.  

-     Taking part to invest and develop tourist branch of pearl mussel growing and transplanting professional villages and eco-tourism in Ha Long bay, Quang Ninh.

-     Conbining production and tourism; production and tourism mutually support for mutual development.


7. Production schedule:


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