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Factory for producing wrappings and vocational training center for the handicapped Business Investment Loans Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business Investment Loans: Factory for producing wrappings and vocational training center for the handicapped

Business Investment Loans in Vietnam:

Business Investment Loan:Factory for producing wrappings and vocational training center for the handicapped
Location:Thai Binh
Price (USD):$625,000
Deal Info:

1. Project Owner:

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Thai Binh, functioning in constructing industrial, civil, traffic and irrational works; trading in building materials, producing wrappings of all types, trading in industrial materials.


2. Brief in Project:
A. Analyzing market demand:

In the work of industrialization – modernization and national innovation nowadays, beside the expansion and development of producing products and goods to meet the society demand, another demand of wrapping and packing for domestic and export goods circulation has been ceaselessly increasing at a quick speed.


Wrappings in Vietnam play an important role in preserving products, contributing to improvement of aesthetics and value of products. Especially, wavy carton wrappings, which have been cared since 1990, and brought into universal use not only in packing export goods but also domestic consumer goods. The use demand of this product is increasing, about 30% per annum.


In Thai Binh, wrapping production enterprises meet only 45-55% of the provincial market demand; sometimes, they even have to buy wrapping from other provinces. It is estimated that the demand of wavy carton wrapping in Thai Binh will increase to 28 million m2/year in 2007 and 35-45 million m2/year in 2010.


In order to meet the demand in Thai Binh and neighboring provinces, it is necessary to invest and build a factory to produce wavy carton wrappings in Thai Binh.


B. Investment purpose:

- Stage 1: Build wavy carton wrapping production factory with capacity of 4,500 ton/year.

- Stage 2: Improve the capacity up to 8,000 – 10,000 ton/year or invest in producing Kraft paper so as to satisfy demand of main materials for producing wavy carton wrappings.  

- Creating more jobs and stable income for the labors, especially the handicapped; accelerating the company’s capital and state budgets.


C. Project scale:

Entire project is built on an area of 23,000m2. Area permissible to build is 15,478m2, including following works:

- Management housing section, showrooms, guard station, refectory, welfare house for helpless folks and handicapped.

- Production workshop, warehouse, material storehouse

- Product exposing yard

- Secondary works

- Ecological ponds.

- Working houses for teachers, classrooms for vocational training, practice workshop.

- Sports ground and exercising ground for the old and handicapped

- Sewage treatment station, electricity station and motor garage, ect.


3. Mode of cooperation and capital to be mobilized:

- Mode of cooperation:  Joint-venture, association in investment, or selling 1/3 of shares to any partner who wishes to buy.
- Capital to be mobilized: over USD 625,000.00

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