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Vietnam Business Investment Loans: Constructing the system supplying online software

Business Investment Loans in Vietnam:

Business Investment Loan:Constructing the system supplying online software
Location:Ho Chi Minh
Price (USD):$125,000
Deal Info:

The Company, established in 2006, operates in the field of information technology with head office in Ho Chi Minh City and charter capital of USD 11,250.00 which now increases up to USD 31,250.00. There were only 07 employees at the beginning, now this number has increased up to 20 working at a spacious three-storey head office.

We were born with the orientation of supplying all types of online software running on web site (in type of services). For half a year from establishment, we have spent most of our time in Web Design and processing Software with a purpose of selecting a powerful personnel line ready for the upcoming project. At this time, the company is in state of average turnover (not lose-making).

With such a powerful and sound orientation and determination to build a process of quality control (CMM level 3), invest in the professionalism of the system, we have, consequently, gained the potential customers’ prestige and confidence. Among these customers are Vietnam - Russian Petroleum Exploitation Corporation, Viet Thy Fashion Company, Vinafor Forestry Products Export Joint-Stock Company, Saigon SJC, etc.

It is time for us to carry out an online software project to bring our enterprise up to a new height; therefore, we hope to receive the interest and care of the investors inland and outland.


This project is to build a wide system of supplying online software (running on software and paid per month). Total investment is up to USD 106,250.00 – USD 125,000.00 on a basic that it shall be broken even after 9.5 months. Profit in the 10th month shall be USD 46,875.00/month which will be doubled after every five months. Project’s circle is up to 5-10 years.


Total investment called: USD 125,000.00 (one hundred and twenty five thousand US dollars).
Investment period called: 1 – 1.5 years.

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