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Project on developing high quality computer with Vietnamese brand Business Investment Loans Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business Investment Loans: Project on developing high quality computer with Vietnamese brand

Business Investment Loans in Vietnam:

Business Investment Loan:Project on developing high quality computer with Vietnamese brand
Price (USD):$125,000
Deal Info:

1. Project content:

Established 3 years ago with headquarter located in Hanoi, our company is one of the pioneers in manufacture of computer in Vietnam. .  We are now carrying out a project to supply schools with Vietnamese-brand computers, which is considered as potential by the Ministry of Education and Training. Our long-term target is to compete with and win market shares from foreign computer makers such as Japan’s Casino


The project is targeted at students at primary, secondary and high schools nationwide. According to statistics, there are 11 million new students per annum, 50% of which need to buy a new computer.  Meanwhile a computer life can be used for 2 years or more. That means, the project has great potential


In such a potential and low-competitive market with only one strong competitor, it is best to make Vietnamese computers with the same features, style and high quality but cheaper price. Such computer will be much welcomed by students, especially those in poor areas.


We are now in the experimenting and innovating stage. A distribution network from Hue outward to Northern provinces has been established. To become a strong brand, we have planned advertisement through sponsor activities for contests in schools and participation of students in television programs. Additionally, we will place advertisement of our products in mass media, and have asked the Ministry of Education and Training to add our products to the list of computers for use in laboratories.


Moreover, we highly appreciate the human factor, considering this the most important. We consistently organize and manage our business with the principle of: providing chances for staff’s capacity’s development and creating a friendly working environment. The managing group has rich experience in personnel administration and put focus in setting up strategy for business development. They also have deep understanding of the market and wish to ceaselessly improve product quality and the working environment.


Our strategy highlights the Northern and Central regions as the first markets for our computer products. We then expand the market to the Southern region with sales expected to be twice as that of the Northern and Central regions. We also hope to open a branch in Ho Chi Minh City in 3 years’ time. Other electronic products such as laptop and LCD Monitors will be developed, too. .
2. Expected investment: USD 125,000.00

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