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Vietnam Business Investment Loans: Developing marriage consulting agency service with private website

Business Investment Loans in Vietnam:

Business Investment Loan:Developing marriage consulting agency service with private website
Price (USD):See detail
Deal Info:

1. Information about the Investor:

-  Qualification: Bachelor of Foreign Trade University.

- Working experience: 1 year working for Unilever Group, 6 months cooperating with FPT in a project


2. Company information:

-  Business lines: Consulting and mediating marriage.

-  Company form: Limited liability company of two members, located in Ho Chi Minh City.


3. Project information:

-  Project has been licensed in the 3rd quarter in 2006.

-  The key of project is a website for joining in a wedlock based on a sole character harmony in Vietnam. Here, the participants shall fulfill a test on character harmony  (which has been developed and tested by MA of Psychology) and suggest their wishes for their life partner such as: age, religion, residence, income, professionalism, etc. According to the test result, website shall search for and introduce them a person who is in harmony of their characters.  This is the biggest and the most unique advantage of this web compared with others.

At present, website has been in free operation. And when this stage end (expected to be in the beginning of 2007), a fee of USD 6.25 shall be charged by every participant. Target market is Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi City, where there are about 150,000 people getting married every year.


4. Mode of cooperation:

-  Investment called for: USD 31,250, duration: 01 year.
-  Selling part of firm.

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