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A factory producing information fibers and telecom cables Business Investment Loans Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business Investment Loans: A factory producing information fibers and telecom cables

Business Investment Loans in Vietnam:

Business Investment Loan:A factory producing information fibers and telecom cables
Location:Bac Giang
Price (USD):See detail
Deal Info:

A/ Information on the Owner:


Headquartered in Bac Giang, the company operates in field of electricity industry, specializes in producing information and information fibers and telephone wires with registered charter capital of over USD 562,500.


The company provides services for customers who namely are long-distance telephone companies under Ministry of Posts and Telecom, VNPT, Viettel, FPT Telecom... Turnover of the past three years are all grown over 100% with USD 4,375,000 in 2006, and USD 8,125,000 in 2007; intangible value and properties to be re-evaluated are estimated at about USD 375,000.


Aiming at the solid growth momentum of firm, we are carrying out an project constructing a factory producing information fibers and telecom cables with projected turnover of 3 – 5 times of current value. Total investment needed is about USD 1,875,000; therefore, it is necessary to structure and increase charter capital with an additional amount of USD 625,000 – USD 1,250,000. We would like to invite financial investors to take part in as shareholders of company, so as to manage firm and our project.


B/ Project information:

Investing in 02 workshops and production management office in accordance with industrial standards on a use area of 5,000m2 out of total area of 16,000m2 in the city industrial zone, which has been approved by the People’s Committee of Bac Giang province; at the same time, upgrade and modernize the whole production line of telephone wires, which have been the company products with potential markets.    


Practicing policy of effectively utilize project investment and bringing project into use at once if it is completed. The project is divided into two following stages:


1. Stage 1: Total investment is estimated at over USD 437,500.

Investors shall be selected and work started before May 30th, 2007, and work completed before September 30th, 2007. Industrial production workshop is planned to construct for a very pressing time with a purpose of using for existing production system and satisfying conditions to increase turnover of USD 7,500,000 per annum for the main products called telephone wires (estimated to reach 1.6 time of turnover compared with that of previous year).


Investment items:

- Steel-frame workshop 30m x 70m (4.200m2).

- Storehouse for steel frame materials 28m x 42m (1.176m2).

- Internal paths (2.280m2).

- Fences.

- Transformer stations.

- Fire and explosion prevention and fighting system.

- Drainage and water supply system.

- Compensation and other costs.


2. Stage 2: Total investment is estimated at over USD 1,437,500.

Planned to start on October 1st, 2007. Aimed at preparing for expanding and upgrading production level to produce telecom cables.


Purchasing and equipping a production line of telecom optical cables valued about USD 625,000. Especially, share contribution is mobilized to facilitate a production line of telecom optical cables valued about USD 625,000.


Investment items:

- Office (400m2).

- Parking plots, garages (378m2).

- Dormitory for workers, feretory and collective kitchen (250m2).

- Production line of telecom optical cables.


3.Investment called for: USD 625,000 - USD 1,875,000 for five years


4.Mode of cooperation:

- Joint-venture

- Shareholders
Project is planned to come into full operation in 1st quarter of 2009, creating a turnover of from USD 18,750,000 - USD 25,000,000 per annum. The project onwner would like to express his gratitude to investors and hope to receive interest to complete project as planned.  

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