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Vietnam Business Opportunities

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Investment Opportunities:

Vietnam Business Investment Opportunities is a leading source for Vietnam Business Investment Opportunities in Vietnam. Our web site is dedicated to helping you find a Business Investment in Vietnam by providing you access to the perfect opportunity.

Vietnam Business Investment Opportunities:

Business Investment OpportunitiesPrice (USD)LocationStatus
Investing and trading in infrstructure of Long An Industrial Park35,000,000Long AnAvailable
A 30 ha resort and recreation centre25,000,000Binh ThuanAvailable
Complex of High-ranking Commercial, Office and Residential Building served for new urban development in the center of Ho Chi Minh City25,000,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
A Villa Complex in Khanh Hoa20,700,000Khanh HoaAvailable
Develop a hydro-power plant in Son La18,750,000Son LaAvailable
A Resort in Phong Nha18,200,000Quang BinhAvailable
Developing a hydro-power plant in Son La11,250,000Son LaAvailable
A Villas & Resort Area in Binh Dinh10,400,000Binh DinhAvailable
Construction and operation of a car supermarket10,000,000HanoiAvailable
A 8 ha international standard coffee plant using Brazillian technology10,000,000Dak NongAvailable
Resort and hotel project in Khanh Hoa7,500,000Khanh HoaAvailable
A villa – restaurant – recreation eco-tourism area7,500,000HanoiAvailable
An Ecological Tourist Project in Quang Binh7,400,000Quang BinhAvailable
A project to develop garden villas on a 7ha piece of land in the surburb of Hanoi5,000,000HanoiAvailable
Extending the trade in new products under branch of security service5,000,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Two-star tourist area in Binh Duong4,900,000Binh DuongAvailable
Developing a 17-storey shopping plaza and office building for lease in the centre of Hai Phong3,125,000Hai PhongAvailable
A project to develop the technical infrastructure for the Urban Zone Bac Song Troi – Quang Ninh3,125,000Quang NinhAvailable
A project to develop a high-standard hotel, villas and recreation centres in Ha Long3,125,000Quang NinhAvailable
Production and trading in refrigeration and electrical engineering3,125,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Coastal ecotourism project in Quang Tri province2,500,000Quang TriAvailable
Coastal tourist area of 30.5ha in Quang Ngai2,500,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Project for Ecotourism-Faith Zone2,500,000Hoa BinhAvailable
Investment in farm and food processing area2,000,000Binh DuongAvailable
Eco-tourism and leisure area in Ninh Binh1,562,500Ninh BinhAvailable
A 4,000m2 ocean recreation and tourist centre.1,562,500Quang NamAvailable
A center of commerce, eco-tourism, vocational training – training drivers, food production factory1,250,000Bac NinhAvailable
Exportation of coffee, pepper, sliced cassava, yellow corn1,125,000Gia LaiAvailable
Investment in expanding the system for high-ranking sea food restaurants1,000,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Enterprise producing, processing, exporting cuddly toys, slippers, backpacks and handbags1,000,000Binh DuongAvailable
Seeking for joint-venture investor to cooperate in the production of export fine stainless steel and copper products1,000,000Binh DuongAvailable
Project for tourist area on area of 61,000m2 in Dak Nong centre937,500Dak NongAvailable
Project constructing the residential zone with a scale of 25,000m2937,500Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Invest in constructing more factories and equipments for processing frozen aquatic products937,500Hai PhongAvailable
Center for vocational training – organizing or transferring shares of cultural events937,500HanoiAvailable
Constructing a wharf of 5,000 WT812,500Dong NaiAvailable
Project expanding production of the growth and transplantation of sea pearl mussel professional village in combination with tourism750,000Quang NinhAvailable
Development of a guesthouse – restaurant – building for lease complex625,000Hai PhongAvailable
Tourist villa area project in the center of Da Lat City625,000Khanh HoaAvailable
Factory for producing wrappings and vocational training center for the handicapped625,000Thai BinhAvailable
Expand plastic packing and production enterprise625,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Investment in expanding production in combination with professional village of pearl jewelries569,200HanoiAvailable
Investing in developing a printing plant and buying necessary machinery and equipment500,000Thanh HoaAvailable
Factory of producing handicrafts and fine arts500,000Binh DuongAvailable
A plant manufacturing and assembling air conditioners, household electronics for domestic consumption and export500,000HanoiAvailable
Joint venture producing oyster to supply for the domestic and foreign markets437,500Vung TauAvailable
Constructing and leasing a stadium with 40 positions for advertisement, on an area of 12,720m2312,500HanoiAvailable
Project for industrial breeding or constructing and erecting electrical works at locality312,500Vung TauAvailable
A cooperative processing fresh and dried fruits, lychee wines312,500Bac GiangAvailable
Additional investment in production line of PPR-HDPE tube and spare parts312,500HanoiAvailable
A project to develp a hotel – villa – restaurant complex250,000Thanh HoaAvailable
Capital Investment (Cash Box Venture) - Portfolio Management / Turnkey Investment200,000HanoiAvailable
Develop a hotel and restaurant complex in My Son187,500Quang NamAvailable
Online Portal Project187,500HanoiAvailable
Investment in an export garment factory125,000Vinh PhucAvailable
Project on developing high quality computer with Vietnamese brand125,000HanoiAvailable
Constructing the system supplying online software125,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Enterprise producing and installing e-products such ad DVD, Amplifier Speaker125,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
The Thuy Tien Import Export JSC looking for shareholder100,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Investment in the trade and distribution of equipment for supermarkets, hotels and food-processing plants93,750HanoiAvailable
A plant to produce instant noodle for domestic consumption and exports75,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Cooperation to open a commodity exchange of consumer goods or to provide warehousing services62,500Long AnAvailable
Distribution of vaccines and production of pharmaceuticals62,500HanoiAvailable
Expanding business type of providing security and industrial sanitary equipment62,500HanoiAvailable
Develop market, trade name and trade mark of consumer washing-up detergents62,500Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Seeking an investment partner for the trade and production and assembly of electronics and garment62,500HanoiAvailable
Project investing and upgrading Hotel to be a new high-ranking one, Hospital and SupermarketSee DetailKhanh HoaAvailable
International-standard Resort – Five-star hotel and high-ranking villaSee DetailVung TauAvailable
“Services for 24h – Non-stop city” ProjectSee DetailHa TinhAvailable
A complex for tourism, hotel, restaurant, sports center, entertainment and beauty in Ha TaySee DetailHa TayAvailable
Project “Underground car park and sports club”See DetailHanoiAvailable
Resort Spa – Eco-tourism – Five-star hotel in Nghe AnSee DetailNghe AnAvailable
Sea tourist area in Binh Thuan up for investmentSee DetailBinh ThuanAvailable
A factory producing information fibers and telecom cablesSee DetailBac GiangAvailable
Developing marriage consulting agency service with private websiteSee DetailHanoiAvailable
Building factory, expanding scale of consumer goods productionSee DetailHung YenAvailable
Calling for investment – management of restaurant businessSee DetailHung YenAvailable
Investment in developing business in materials and chemicals of rubber, plastic and paintSee DetailHo Chi MinhAvailable