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A company engaged in exporting coffee, pepper, sliced cassava, and yellow corn Business for Sale Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business for Sale: A company engaged in exporting coffee, pepper, sliced cassava, and yellow corn

Business for Sale in Vietnam:

Business for Sale:A company engaged in exporting coffee, pepper, sliced cassava, and yellow corn
Location:Gia Lai
Price (USD):$2,312,500
Deal Info:

The company was established in 1994 with a prescribed capital of over 7 bn dong on a 3ha piece of land. The company is specialized in exporting coffee beans, ground coffee, pepper, sliced cassava, yellow corn and other farm produces of Pleiku - Gia Lai. In addition, the company is also engaged in domestic trade, such as supplying coffee jute-sacks, trade in construction materials, and real estates. After more than 10 years in operation, the company has been developing quite well; its position and reputation in the market have been recognized.


The company has a stable supply of coffee beans due to its close relations with high-yield coffee farms, where coffee trees are planted 800-1000m above sea-level and in necessary conditions for good coffee beans meeting international standards. Thus, the company has an advantage and is active in carefully selecting and storing clean coffee beans for production, avoiding being passive in buying coffee bean materials. As a result, the company has enhanced its credibility for customers, bringing about success and good reputation, in line with our motto of "quality being the top priority'.


At present, the company continually invests in machinery, equipment and modern automatic and complete production lines from the first stage to packing. The technologies have been imported from the UK, Germany and Brazil with the value of billions of dong and been seen as the modernest coffee production lines in Gia Lai, being able to produce safe and clean coffee. The annual output of high quality coffee bean products is 15,000 to 25,000 tons, bringing about a significant income not only for the company, its staff, farmers and workers but also contributing to the development of the province though tax payment.
At present, the company owns 3 big warehouses with the total area of 5,000m2 used for processing, storing and transporting... with modern equipment, 1 electronic car scaling machine with a capacity of 70 tons, 3 offices, 1 dormitory for workers, 2 car parks, 1 canteen and 1 house.
The company is moving to Ho Chi Minh City, thus, would like to transfer at USD 2,312,500.00 (two million three hundred and twelve thousand five hundred US dollars).

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