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Enterprise of irrigational, traffic and civil construction Business for Sale Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business for Sale: Enterprise of irrigational, traffic and civil construction

Business for Sale in Vietnam:

Business for Sale:Enterprise of irrigational, traffic and civil construction
Location:Gia Lai
Price (USD):$937,500
Deal Info:

Founded from its forerunner as a state-owned construction company with head office in Pleiku – Gia Lai. The company’s head office is located on an area of 3,200m2, front 75m alongside the National Highway No. 19. Main business lines: constructing irrigational works such as dykes and damps, water reservoirs, irrigational system, small hydroelectric works; constructing traffic, civil and industrial works within the scopes of irrigational work systems. Executed works for instance are Hydroelectric works of Yaly, A Vuong, Rao Quan – Quang Tri, Song Tranh 2, etc. The company now has been in process of investing in construction and improvement of head office and changing the main line of business.


Because the business location is too far to managing and administrating, and there is an urgent need to capital to exploit other fields in the North of Vietnam; we therefore want to transfer entire tangible assets (inclusive of house, architectural things, machines and equipment, means of transport) and commercial advantages.
Total selling value is estimated at USD 937,500.00 (nine hundred and thirty seven thousand, five hundred US dollars)

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