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Business System in three 3 Regions North – Middle – South, Food and Industrial Aromatic Company Business for Sale Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business for Sale: Business System in three 3 Regions North – Middle – South, Food and Industrial Aromatic Company

Business for Sale in Vietnam:

Business for Sale:Business System in three 3 Regions North – Middle – South, Food and Industrial Aromatic Company
Price (USD):$106,250
Deal Info:

The company was founded in 2005 with its head office in Hanoi. The company trades and delivers food and industrial aromatic spices. Due to demand of trade diversion, the company wants to transfer the entire of trading system stretching through 3 regions north – middle – south. The following is some basic information about the enterprise which customers can consult.


1. Office System:

- The head office in Hanoi: Structural closure 5 floors; 9 offices including: 4 working rooms, 3 stockrooms, 1 model room, 1 greenroom. Cheap and stable hire USD 375 per month.
- Representative office in Ho Chi Minh city: Common flat including: 1 big working room, welcoming area, 1 model room, 1 stockroom, 1 auxiliary construction, a wide yard and a car park. Housing cost USD 312 per month.
- Representative office in Da Nang.
2. Tangible assets:
- Fixed assets: USD 44,500 (including engines, equipments, car).
- Goods in stockroom: USD 42,500. Fixing price according to cost price. If being calculated according to market price, total commodity value in stockroom: About from USD 70,250 to USD 85,000
- Debt connection: USD 15,625.
- Debt payment: USD 46,875 (surely pay for providers and banks).


Market price of tangible assets: From USD 81,500 to USD 98,250.


3. Intangible assets:

- Brand name is protected with specific logo and name in aromatic chemical branch.
- Vietnam sole contract for specific food aromatic branch imported from Singapore with its head office in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines; products are often exported to China market. The aromatic branch has appeared in Ho Chi Minh city market since 1998. There have been highly evaluated products beginning at the north market since 2005.
- Vietnam sole contract for aromatic industry ranked at No 8 in the world about turnover, product is imported from Shang Hai. 
- Sole contract of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar can be more enlarged with aromatic products like alcohol, tea, foodstuff for cattle. Products are imported from UAE.
- Website of the company now operates effectively, enclosed with 2 emails.
- Cooperating with more than 10 local aromatic companies and some foreign aromatic companies.
- Customer’s database is in the whole country with technical documents (MSDS, CA, PI, CO).
- Brand name identification system is as relatively perfect, professional as foreign companies.


4. Minimum transfer price: USD 106,250 . If customers that do not receive car are reduced about USD 30,875.

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