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Enterprise trades in computers, computer components and office equipments Business for Sale Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business for Sale: Enterprise trades in computers, computer components and office equipments

Business for Sale in Vietnam:

Business for Sale:Enterprise trades in computers, computer components and office equipments
Price (USD):$9,375
Deal Info:

Have you experienced in computer business, computer components and office equipments? Do you plan to open a company trading in these commodities? If so, t takes you a lot of time and money to fulfill all necessary establishing procedures and recruit human resources, etc. It is, in fact, a much easier and faster way that is to buy an enterprise in operation.

A company operating in computers, computer components and office equipments in Hanoi, which was established at the beginning of 2006, is for transference with following details:

Business line:

-     Trading in computers, IT and office equipments, telecom, internet and data transmission devices; and other IT materials

-     Erecting and trading in Vietnamese-trade-name computers; designing and installing nets of LAN, WAN.

-     Repairing and maintaining IT and office equipments; hi-tech and scientific services related to IT, electronic and telecom fields. 

-     Producing, installing and trading in electric, electronic equipments and cooling devices.

-     Producing, designing and trading in IT software.

-     Trading in equipments for meeting-places and conference rooms, illumination, education equipments, interior decorations, medical devices, electric and civil electric equipments.

-     Services of training and technology transfer related to IT field.

Area of office and showroom:  50m2. Office is located on road front with beautiful view, cheap and stable rent for three years. Traffic situation is very convenient for delivering and transporting goods.

Area for warehouse and technology department: 90m2

Office/Showroom and warehouse are about 15m far from each other, very convenient for management and sales.

Current number of staffs: 8 staffs

Turnover in 2006: appro. USD 406,250.00 (four hundred and six thousand, two hundred and fifty US dollars).

Fixed assets: USD 3,125 (three thousand, one hundred and twenty five US dollars) including: sideboard for displaying goods, computers and office tables and chairs.  

The company’s customers are small and big IT companies within the Hanoi locality and in some other departments and offices in other Northern provinces. (List of them shall be available upon request). The company also directly imports certain goods in big quantity and distributes among the customers. These commodities imported have occupied a standing on market.

The inventory goods are valued from USD 18,750 to USD 62,500.

Price for transference is USD 9,375 (nine thousand, three hundred and seventy five US dollars) – inclusive of fixed assets and exclusive from payable, receivable debts and inventories.

Inventories all are the best-selling on market, which can be received or not by the customers; in case the customers receive it, they will be treated with special support.

After transference, the buyer compulsorily undertakes to use the company’s human resources for at least two months. The enterprise owner will give support for 3 months to transfer and accept and rearrange organization as well as organize sales channel, imported goods and stabilize operation. For directly-imported goods, we are liable for warranty during the warranty validity.

Any legal problems related to transference will be settled by a company specializing in investing, buying and selling enterprises; all fees will be borne by us.

Due to confidential principles, please provide following information:

- Name, date of birth, ID Card no. (with date and place of issue)

- Permanent and temporary residence

- Contact details (with email).

- Undertaking for information secret in case of being provided with our company information.

We also undertake to keep your information in secret. Thank you for your care.

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