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30% of fast food shop system up for sales Business for Sale Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business for Sale: 30% of fast food shop system up for sales

Business for Sale in Vietnam:

Business for Sale:30% of fast food shop system up for sales
Location:Ho Chi Minh
Price (USD):$93,750
Deal Info:

The Company operates in processing food with head office located in Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City. We have a project for fast food shops, 7 of which have been under present operation in Ho Chi Minh City since May 21st, 2007. At a first step, we trade in two types of products, bread and steamed glutinous rice. We are studying two additional types of fast food to serve the new academic year in time.  


After 7-week operation, turnover increases an average speed of 35%/week. There have been over 25 news and articles written about our project’s bread shops.


The Company has a urgent need of capital for expanding this system up to 20 shops in 2007 and developing into other markets, beside Ho Chi Minh City. We want to transfer 30% of the firm’s value at USD 93,750.


Hereinafter are activities to be carried out by the company:
- Invest in more fixed assets
- Recruiting more managers for firm if the investors are really competent, experienced and interested in management tasks.
Priority is given to the buyers who:
- have experience in retail food shop system
- are financial organizations which have invested in system of retail shops
- The Investor can directly participate in monitoring the firm.

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