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A 8,300m2 piece of land and property attached Business for Sale Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business for Sale: A 8,300m2 piece of land and property attached

Business for Sale in Vietnam:

Business for Sale:A 8,300m2 piece of land and property attached
Location:Binh Duong
Price (USD):$1,296,870
Deal Info:

A company located in Binh Duong is engaged in hotel services. The company has been in operation since 1995. At present, the company has a 8,300m2 piece of land (with a front width of 50m, back width of 84m, length of 125 – 130m). A number of properties have been developed on the land, including:a 550m2 villa, a standard tennis court, a family swimming pool, 52 hotel rooms with accompanying services such as a 3x25KVA transformer station, a power generator, an industrial water supply system, a system of drilled wells, a car park, gardens and valuable bonsais.


The hotel is located along the National Road 1K linking Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City with Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai. The area in front ot the hotel has been projected for a 300ha eco-tourism area, and site clearance is being carried out.  
As the owner is about to emigrate, and has no manager, the owner wishes to sell the whole piece of land with attached properties at the price of USD 157/m2 (one hundred and fifty seven US dollars per sqm). The new investor can continue with hotel services or change into other lines of business as the land is a convenient location.

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