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Vietnam Business for Sale: Hydroelectric plant

Business for Sale in Vietnam:

Business for Sale:Hydroelectric plant
Location:Quang Nam
Price (USD):$500,000
Deal Info:

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Hanoi, our company operates in industrial investment construction. We now have a hydroelectric plant project in Quang Nam. Due to difficulty in debt payment and other reasons, the investor wants to transfer entire project or sell part of it under mode of capital contribution. Transfer price is USD 500,000.00. Hereafter is some general information:

1. Project’s legality

- The project was approved by Quang Nam People’s Committee in 2004

- All pre-investment procedures, for instance environmental impacts, fire and explosion prevention, national defense security, initial construction approval, technical design done by provincial Departments and Branches, etc, were implemented

- Lease contract was signed and issued with Certificate of Land Use Right

2. Project’s economic and technical indexes:

The project aims at improving previous hydroelectric plant with the scope of 1 MW as designed

- Water post height: 50m

- Annual electricity output estimated: 3.5 kWh

- Two machine combinations with capacity of 800kW have been erected

- 22 kV High voltage line: 800m long

- Two transformers with total capacity of 1,080 kVA

- All measurement and control equipments available

We signed sales contract with EVN. Total capital invested in the project is USD 681,250.00. In fact, thanks to previous infrastructure, self-produced items and strict management, total invested capital is not as much as estimated and can be recovered in 4-5 years

The project is about to complete except for some items surrounding the plant. The project has been technically accepted by power company No 3, and generated electricity in the line with the national network electricity

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