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Transferring a part of the 53.1-hectare-coastal eco-tourism Business for Sale Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business for Sale: Transferring a part of the 53.1-hectare-coastal eco-tourism

Business for Sale in Vietnam:

Business for Sale:Transferring a part of the 53.1-hectare-coastal eco-tourism
Location:Ha Tinh
Price (USD):See detail
Deal Info:

The Investor of the project is a Company operating in tourism with the head office located in Nghi Xuan – Ha Tinh Province. The 53.1–hectare-coastal eco-tourism Project has been approved by the People’s Committee of Ha Tinh Province since the middle of 2005; 29 out of this 53.1 hectare has been granted with Certificate of Right of Land Use; and all legal procedures including investment license have been completed.


1. Project location:

The Project is located in the coastal dental in the Northern of Ha Tinh Province, in contiguity with Vinh City, Nghe An Province, near East Sea and standing by the National Highway 1A. This location is geographically convenient for commercial transfer with other provinces and other socio-economic centers inland and outland.


2. Project content:

Aims of the projects:

-     Construct a system of high-ranking tourist and service area in combination with the other systems of top tourism and services available and to be developed in future of Ha Tinh Province.

-     This project is a coastal eco-tourist one in combination with foods culture on an area of 53.1 hectare of which 29 hectare will be actually carried out; and the 24 hectare left is used for production and other supporting services.

-     With the orientation toward the business in conjunction with tourism, services of organizing seminar and conference, exhibition and fairs, services of foods; a clue and center of introducing specialties of Ha Tinh Province; all types of high-ranking and modern leisure activities, a traditional cultural space, etc.

-     Luxury and high-quality services in accordance with high-ranking standards, the pioneer in mission of trading in high-ranking hotels in region.


The project scale includes items as follows:


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