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Vietnam Real Estate Investments and Lands for Sale is a leading source for finding Real Estate Investments and Lands for sale in Vietnam. Our web site is dedicated to helping you find a Real Estate Investments and Lands in Vietnam by providing you access to the perfect opportunity.

Business for Sale in Vietnam:

Real Estate and Lands For SalePrice (USD)LocationStatus
8.963m2 for housing and 1.578m2 for park and green trees – domestic roads9,389,060Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Selling projects located in Hai Phong City5,625,000Hai PhongAvailable
Commercial center - Supermarket- Hotel- Restaurant and service on an area of 13,200m25,500,500Khanh HoaAvailable
Residential Area Project at Chau Doc Town- An Giang5,000,000An GiangAvailable
A project to develop a high standard 21-storey apartment building on a 10,396m2 piece of land in the centre of Vung Tau City3,750,000Vung TauAvailable
A project to develop a trading plaza and office building for lease in the centre of Hai Phong City3,125,000Hai PhongAvailable
Eco-tourism resort and leisure area in Ninh Binh province3,125,000Ninh BinhAvailable
A project to develop garden villas with resort facilities and services and eco-tourism3,000,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
14-hectare coastal eco-tourist area2,812,500Binh ThuanAvailable
A 3,500m2 villa with 2 factories with the total area of 1,000m2 in Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City1,687,500Ho Chi MinhAvailable
3-star Hotel with 50 rooms in Bai Chay, Ha Long1,562,500Quang NinhAvailable
600m2 of office and factory in a 2,000 piece of land in Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City1,437,500Ho Chi MinhAvailable
A 6,000m2 piece of land bordering two roads1,300,000Hai DuongAvailable
A 8,300m2 piece of land and property attached1,296,870Binh DuongAvailable
Production and trading enterprise for building materials and projects1,250,000Quang NinhAvailable
Transferring enterprise and an unused area of 10,353m21,164,700Phan ThietAvailable
A 10 ha eco-tourism park 3 km away from Thanh Hoa City Centre1,000,000Thanh HoaAvailable
Selling 1,500m2- land and its workshop937,500Ho Chi MinhAvailable
A project premise of 25,000m2 with 49-year term for land use up for sale937,500HanoiAvailable
A 1,400m2 hotel with 32 well furnished rooms937,500Quang NamAvailable
Project of 2,958m2 doublet villa area875,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
A 1,920 m2-land plot in Ha Long- Quang Ninh up for sale780,000Quang NinhAvailable
Transfer of a company owning a 67,000m2 ocean eco-tourism area750,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
An owned land of over 1,500 m2 (including project constructing 3-star hotel) up for sale750,000Quang NinhAvailable
A 7 ha piece of land near the border gate of Thailand and Cambodia700,000Out of Viet NamAvailable
3,5ha leveled and walled land area licensed with Red Book up for sale625,000Hung YenAvailable
A 7,960 m2 piece of land625,000Hai PhongAvailable
A hotel – recreation centre – fishing area – karaoke lounge complex625,000Hung YenAvailable
Transfer of a 62.7 m2 shop618,750HanoiAvailable
A high-standard hotel, villa and recreation complex project in Ha Long500,000Quang NinhAvailable
Hydroelectric plant500,000Quang NamAvailable
A 20.000 m2 project land on Thang Long _ Noi Bai Highway500,000Vinh PhucAvailable
A 5-storey office building481,250Ho Chi MinhAvailable
A 50,000m2 piece of land along National Road No. 830468,750Long AnAvailable
Transfer of a project to develop a hotel with villas along National Highway 1A468,750Thanh HoaAvailable
Project for Commercial and tourist center-hotel in Quang Ninh437,500Quang NinhAvailable
Enterprise trading in hotel with 10,000m2 undertaking project406,250Quang NinhAvailable
A 1,200 m2 factory on a 2,900 m2 piece of land387,500Ho Chi MinhAvailable
A 4,588m2 jewellery factory, the use purpose of which can be changed368,750Hung YenAvailable
Enterprise and two green-houses on an area of 900m2368,750Vinh PhucAvailable
A 1000 m2 factory on a 3500 m2 piece of land362,500Binh DuongAvailable
Transferring land and workshop - enterprise producing export bamboo products318,750Binh DuongAvailable
A 17,000m2 piece of land on the National Road No. 81312,500Vung TauAvailable
Transfer of a 5,000m2 piece of land along National Road No. 51312,500Vung TauAvailable
415An enterprise trading in restaurant, petrol station, farm up for transfer312,500Quang NinhAvailable
Selling an area of 15,557m2 fenced293,750Binh DuongAvailable
A 4-storey, 8m wide and 19m long house for sale281,250Ho Chi MinhNo longer available
A newly-built villa in the centre of Ninh Thuan262,500Ninh ThuanAvailable
Enterprise and an unused land of 1,500m2250,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Shares and a 1,000m2 factory on a 2,000m2 piece of land250,000Hai DuongAvailable
A 2,300m2 piece of land250,000Thai NguyenAvailable
A 183 m2 piece of land in the centre of Long Xuyen, An Giang225,000An GiangAvailable
A company with a project to develop a factory producing wood furniture for export on a 69,000 m2 piece of land193,750Hai DuongAvailable
A 6,200m2 piece of land with the width of 190m along National Highway No. 1A187,500Ninh ThuanAvailable
856m2 land area at the center of Bien Hoa city- Dong Nai up for sale187,500Dong NaiAvailable
A 4000m2 garment factory project (purpose of land use can be changed)187,500Vinh PhucAvailable
Transferring project for building a filling station and general service area in Hoa Binh province136,900Hoa BinhAvailable
Transfer of a 1,058m2 piece of residential land135,625Phu ThoAvailable
Transfer of a construction company and a project to expand a factory producing ready made concrete slots and steelworks81,250Ha TayAvailable
Selling farming land with 300 litchi trees, 2 fish ponds and one 80km2-tile-roofed house75,000Bac GiangAvailable
An individual wishes to sell a 3-ha piece of land in Siem Reap, Cambodia75,000Out of Viet NamAvailable
A 11.5m x40m piece of land with back width of 25m62,500An GiangAvailable
Land use right of 7,000-m2 land up for sale56,875Dong NaiAvailable
An 800m2 piece of land near Sa Pa Lake56,250Lao CaiAvailable
A 4,100 m2 piece of landSee DetailHai PhongAvailable
Transferring a part of the 53.1-hectare-coastal eco-tourismSee DetailHa TinhAvailable
A large land for workshops and offices up for saleSee DetailVinh LongAvailable
A 20.600 m2 piece of land along Thang Long – Noi Bai HighwaySee DetailVinh PhucAvailable