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Vietnam Business for Sale: Enterprise producing pure water

Business for Sale in Vietnam:

Business for Sale:Enterprise producing pure water
Price (USD):$42,500
Deal Info:

The enterprise started producing pure water in August, 2005 at its head office in Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City. Its trade name has reputation in the market and is presented in commercial centers, exhibitions and fairs. Its main customers including companies, individuals and a system of agents have been increasing (more than 2,000 customers) with stably increasing sales turnover: at the beginning of autumn, it still reaches over USD 6,250. The company has been in the process of recovering capital.


Its materials facilities include: production premise (with low rent) in Lac Long Quan; more than 7,000 empty bottles for recycle; a 7.5-quintal-lorry; a transaction office at the center of Hanoi; a software system for managing the transaction and customer information.


Human resource: 25 employees in total; a skilful line of customer services; an active line of employees delivering goods, proficient in locality; experienced managers.
With intension to change the business line, the board of management of the company want to sell the entire enterprise at USD 42,500.00

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