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A company producing nutrition drinks, mustards and additives Business for Sale Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business for Sale: A company producing nutrition drinks, mustards and additives

Business for Sale in Vietnam:

Business for Sale:A company producing nutrition drinks, mustards and additives
Location:Ho Chi Minh
Price (USD):$3,312,500
Deal Info:

A company based in Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh City is sepcialized in producing natural canned and bottled nutrition drinks, mustards and other accessories. The company is the first in this sector, its trademarks have been in existence in the market and been accepted by the consumers. A network of regular customers bring about stable and monthly growing revenue. The company has its markets in Ho Chi Minh City and nearby provinces, with good market growth rate. As the growth rate of the company exceeds its management capacity, the company wishes to transfer the whole factory, machines and equipment, tangible and intangible assets and technologies at USD 3,312,500.00 (three million three hundred and twelve thousand five hundred US dollars).


IDJ's evaluation:


- Scale of Production: good production scale, with a 3,000m2 factory having a drink production line and a can production line.


- Products: the range of products is diverse and plentiful, their industrial designs and quality are protected worldwide. The main product is a drink made from Nha dam trees, a popular material which is good for health. The important thing is that the company has an exclusive right over the technology for this product in Vietnam.


- Distribution system: the company has developed a good distribution system. Target markets cover from Quang Tri till Ca Mau Cape, among which the South East  has become a well known destination for the company's products.


- The company has not developed a strategic and international vision for exporting its products. In fact, consumers worldwide now tend to withdraw from softdrinks and drinks made from natural materials are getting more and more popular. This has posed an advantage to the company, especially in exporting.
For an investor has a long term vision and good financial capacity, this should be a good deal. If you already owns shares of or are engaged in food and drink trade, please contact our consultant for get the best price and to be advised on a strategy to develop a global trademark.

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