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Vietnam Business for Sale: A company and a factory producing garment products

Business for Sale in Vietnam:

Business for Sale:A company and a factory producing garment products
Location:Hai Duong
Price (USD):$1,500,000
Deal Info:

A joint-venture company having its office in Hai Duong is engaged in the production and trade of garment and textile products. At present, the company has a project to develop a factory producing garment and textile products on a 12,000m2 piece of land for which the company has the right use right certificate for 50 years. The factory is located along National Road No. 18, which is convenient for transportation, production and business.


The factory was licensed in 2004, by now construction has been completed. The factory include a 3-storey office building with a total usable area of 1000m2; workshops and dinning room for shift workers with a total area of 7,500m2; air-conditioners for the workshops and office building; a 300KW power station; and a complete internal road system... all can be used immediately for production. In terms of workers, the company has trained 600 workers, in which there are 200 skilled ones ready to start working immediately.


In addition, the factory enjoys land rental exemption for 11 years; corporate income tax exemption for 3 years calculating from time of making profits, and income tax reduction of 50% in the following 8 years; and tariff exemption.


Due to health reasons, the partner of the joint venture wants to withdraw, thus, the company wishes to transfer the whole business with the factory. The transfer price is USD 1,500,000.00 (one million five hundred thousand US dollars).
The whole factory can be leased if so desired. Rental is negotiable.

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