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Business for Sale:

Vietnam Production Business for Sale is a leading source for finding Production Business for sale in Vietnam. Our web site is dedicated to helping you find a Production business in Vietnam by providing you access to the perfect opportunity.

Business Production in Vietnam:

Production Business For SalePrice (USD)LocationStatus
A 6.2 ha plant assembling automobile and producing spareparts and components21,875,000Quang NamAvailable
A company producing automobile tyres and tubes in Thang Long, Noi Bai4,937,500Vinh PhucAvailable
A garment company wants to sell 85-100% shares3,500,000HanoiAvailable
A company producing nutrition drinks, mustards and additives3,312,500Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Enterprise for production and trading in aquatic products (fish, cuttle- fish , shrimp, arca, etc)2,799,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Enterprise producing electric wire and cables2,500,000HanoiAvailable
A 8h international standard coffee factory2,500,000Dak NongAvailable
Factory for industrial salt production1,923,750Ba Ria - Vung TauAvailable
Selling a factory producing PP wrappings in Ukraine1,800,000Out of Viet NamAvailable
Enterprise producing wrappings with turnover reaching VND 22 billion/shift1,625,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
A company and a factory producing garment products1,500,000Hai DuongAvailable
A mechanical engineering factory for the cement and wood processing industries1,375,000Bac NinhAvailable
A company collecting and procesing sea products for export and domestic consumption1,375,000Khanh HoaAvailable
Enterprise for bread, cake, sandwich, weeding and birthday cake1,250,000Lam ĐongAvailable
Enterprise for toecap production1,250,000HanoiAvailable
Enterprise for instant noodle production1,125,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Workshop and equipments for production of iron and brass water taps and valves up for sale968,750Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Enterprise produces, processes woodwork, lots of contracts and high profit937,500Quang NinhAvailable
Enterprise producing and exporting soled-shoes with annual income of USD 625,000812,500Yen BaiAvailable
Enterprise producing lock rings for shoes, sandals, bags and property (06 motors of all types, a house and 13 rooms for rent)750,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Enterprise producing woodwork for export and trading in domestic interior decoration750,000Thai BinhAvailable
Transfer 50% of an enterprise producing and processing motorbike parts and components625,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
A cooperative processing export fruit products and high quality lychee wines625,000Bac GiangAvailable
A 5,011m2 factory producing fish feeds in the form of floating tablets562,500Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Enterprise produces and trades in industrial and civil GAS (12kg, 45kg)550,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Producing structured porous plastic membrance and processing cosmetics550,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Enterprise for electric wires and cables production500,000Dong NaiAvailable
An enterprise producing and exporting outdoor furniture500,000Binh DuongAvailable
Sell 50% of a mineral water mine and a 2,000m2 piece of land500,000Lam ĐongNo longer available
Transferring 50% of an enterprise specializing in production and procession on C.N.C machines500,000Binh DuongAvailable
Enterprise for mechanical equipment production, industrial construction, water supply and drainage systems, civil and industrial electric systems up for sale375,000Dak LakAvailable
Partly enterprise for producing plastic household, industrial products and plastic accessories for motorbike and automobile , electric and electronic assembly; electric machinery engineering; and construction up for sale337,500Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Producing bamboo chopsticks312,500Binh ThuanAvailable
Enterprise producing and installing electronic goods like DVD, Amplifier, etc250,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Selling 20% out of the total investment of the project constructing the line for refining coke225,000Hai PhongAvailable
Export Black Tea Processing Enterprise187,500Lam ĐongAvailable
Enterprise produces student notebooks, handbooks, spring-notebooks, prints and designs advertisement publication187,500Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Enterprise designing, manufacturing moulds of plastic, aluminum, zinc, bronze products, stiching and mechanic products125,000Ha TayAvailable
Selling two lines producing Okal plank with capacity of 800tons/day120,000Binh DuongAvailable
Transfer of a purified water company, with production capacity of over 2,000litre/hour.93,750HanoiAvailable
Selling 4.5% of shares of enterprise producing and distributing cattle-feed93,750Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Enterprise produces and trades in pure water90,625Hai PhongAvailable
Machinery and equipment for moulding industry75,000Ho Chi MinhAvailable
A stainless steel factory with annual profit of USD 31,25061,250Ho Chi MinhAvailable
Selling workshop and equipments for embroidery backing56,250Quang NinhAvailable
Enterprise producing pure water42,500HanoiAvailable
Enterprise for pure water production with average turnover of 4,000-5,000 gallons per month32,500HanoiAvailable
Company supplying labor safety equipments and materials for industrial production18,750HanoiAvailable
Producing and installing computers; trading in technology, informatics and communication products, school equipment, etc.18,750Ha NamAvailable
A factory producing rice liquors and wines16,250HanoiAvailable
Company producing cotton ear-pick with monthly sales output of 10-15 tons1HanoiAvailable
Enterprise for packing production with monthly turnover of USD 93,750See DetailHo Chi MinhAvailable
A factory producing fire-resistant materials in Dong NaiSee DetailDong NaiAvailable