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3 technologies to produce anti-shipworm oil paints for ships and fire-resistant materials from wood, paints for wood. Business for Sale Request from Vietnam

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Vietnam Business for Sale: 3 technologies to produce anti-shipworm oil paints for ships and fire-resistant materials from wood, paints for wood.

Business for Sale in Vietnam:

Business for Sale:3 technologies to produce anti-shipworm oil paints for ships and fire-resistant materials from wood, paints for wood.
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Deal Info:

A company based in Cau Giay District, Hanoi was established in August 2004. The company is specialized in producing fire-resistant materials and researching the application of new technologies. After years of research and trial production, the company has been successful in developing several technologies to produce fire-resistant materials from planted forest trees, and the hardness, fire and water resistance capacity of the products are enhanced, the formaldehyde level is 0.0062%, meeting the standards set out by many countries and is not harmful to human health. Next are details of technologies that the company has successfully developed:


A. Technology to produce fire-resistant construction materials from planted forest trees include:

- Technology to produce fire-resistant planks.

- Technology to produce fire-resistant plywood.

- Technology to produce fire-resistant flooring planks.

- Technology to process block wood of planted forest trees, meeting requirements in terms of pressure resistance to replace wood of natural forest trees for construction and export.

- Technology to produce fire-resistant bamboos.

- Technology to produce bamboo fire-resistant flooring flanks.

- Technology to process wood of low quality into pressure-resistant and anti-shipworm materials for the building of ships with wooden cover.

- Technology to produce insulating, soundproof and fire-resistant materials from rice husks. The materials are non-toxic and easy to disintegrate and thus do not pollute the environment after use.


The products of the above mentioned technologies are capable of fire resistance, water resistance, anti-wood eaters, meeting international standards of being non-toxic for the human being and being useful for protect the human, nature and property.


B. Technology to produce Polymer oil-paints:

- 100% polymer oil-paints.

- Take a long time to get dry as oil-paints, easy for construction activities by rollers, brushes, and sprayers. The content of solid materials accounts for 60%, with high paint thickness, safe for use in 4 hours after phase A+B. Safe storage in 24 months.

- Paint cover gets dry in 24 hours and multi-covers do not get peeled off and separated, paint intervals are not limited, and the products are easy for use in mending ships and boats.

- Paint stickiness is high on all metal surfaces.

- After getting dry, the paint cover gets slippery, being able to prevent ship-worms and seaweeds. The paints are resistant to salt, acid, sodium and ship-worm's secretion, thus no toxic agents is needed, causing no harm to the human.


At present, the number of newly built ships is large, especially; the number of ships needed to be painted every year is quite high. As a result, the world-wide demand for anti-shipworm paints of the ship industry in particular and other industries in general is high. Production of this material is therefore profitable and contributes to the protection of the ecological environment.


The quality and reputation of the company has been recognized in the market. Now we wish to transfer the three new production technologies, as follows:

- Technology to produce non-toxic anti-shipworm paints for ships. Price USD 20,000,000.00 (twenty million US dollars)

- Technology to produce fire-resistant materials from planted forest trees. Price: USD 15,000,000.00 (fifteen billion US dollars)
- Technology to produce paints for water-rich wood. Price: USD 3,000,000.00 (three billion US dollars).

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